We’re all about the links. Cut us and we bleed links. So when we find some extra sneaky (white hat of course) ways to build some big fat juicy links, we have to share them. Below we share some absolute game changers to include as part of your link building strategy with the help of Mark and Jez.

HARO – (Help a reporter out)

Naturally we’re going to start with HARO. We are of course a HARO Link Building agency.

HARO is a service that connects journalists with sources.

Say what?

Well, let’s say a journalist is writing an article about the best country parks to visit in the UK. They may list a few good parks, but they may want to make their content a little richer.

They decide to include a part on how good country parks are for your mental health.

But they’re a journalist, what do they know about mental health?

We’re sure quite a lot…๐Ÿ‘€ but the general public might not be so sure.

The journalist needs a source/expert to ratify the mental health benefits of the great outdoors.

You are that source.

The journalist will then send this request for expertise to HARO, who will then send it out to their mailing list, allowing you to provide a comment and get a link (providing you’rea mental health expert).

How to get links with HARO

  1. Sign up here to HARO and choose which opportunities you want to hear about
  2. Check your inbox at around 10:35 am 17:35pm and 22:35pm (GMT)
  3. Pitch to journalists

It really is as simple as that, but naturally you are competing with thousands of other people, and companies who do this professionally. So whilst the process is easy, acquiring them will take a lot of effort. Here are a few tips:

  • Be quick off the mark – Journalists are not on a lot of time. Being quick to pitch can increase your chances of a placement tenfold.
  • Stay relevant – You’re only wasting yours and the journalists time if you’re not. Try not to overly reach, if you’re not relevant, move on. You don’t want a reputation as a spammer.
  • Have a bio – If you’re pitching yourself as an expert, linking to your bio or creating one on your website is really handy in affirming your expertise.

Expired Domain’s

We actually stole this one from Liam Fallen but it was too good not to share.

  1. Visit expireddomains.net and sign up
  2. In the domain search, enter a relatable keyword to your industry (e.g. if you’re a beauty salon you might include “hair”, “nails”
  3. Apply the following filters to refine your search:
    – Only new in the last 48 hours
    -Only available domains
    (this is optional and you can opt for different filters if you wish)
  4. Sort the domains by number of backlinks
  5. Pick a number of domains and run a backlink audit
  6. Create a list of the best backlinks and then contact the website to replace the link with yours instead

This backlink building technique can not only help you build links, but also help you create meaningful and link worthy content. Quite often you’ll find opportunities through this method where the website is linking to a piece of content. If you haven’t got a piece of content like this, it might be worth recreating the content and asking the webmaster to link to your piece instead. You can do this by entering the specific URL into Archive.org and recreating the content. If this is too much hassle, you can always purchase the domain and set up 301 redirects to your site instead.

Wikipedia 404 Link Building

This is a form of broken link building that’s perfect for building ultra valuable links. In our instructions we’re going to pretend we’r

  1. Firstly, type this into google: this:site: wikipedia.org “keyword” intext: “dead link”
  2. You’ll then be presented with a list of pages on Wikipedia that have a broken external link
  3. Click any search result and look for the dead link at the bottom
  4. Place the URL of that dead link into any backlink analysis tool to find out who links to it (Ahrefs Backlink Checker is a good one)

(You’ll want to try and use a broad keyword if you can, as this will bring back more results)

Testimonial Link Building

You’re selling a product.

Your supplier is supplying that product.

It’s natural to ask your supplier for a link as one of their stockists, but what if you purchase goods and services from other businesses?

Enter testimonial link building.

Review platforms are now pivotal parts of the online purchase process. Herd mentality and an increasing distrust of retailers have made it so.

But you can get links by providing a personal review on their website.

Simply contact them and ask them if you can provide a review in return for a backlink. With this method, you can not only help your suppliers, but also improve your link profile.

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