The summery month of June had plenty of opportunities to jump on for Digital PR campaigns. Summer Solstice, Fathers Day and Wimbledon were all but some of the opportunities to talk about as well as the popular reality TV show Love Island. Here are our picks for the best Digital PR campaigns of June 2022.

Research from Just Eat revealed each regions most loved cuisine

Just Eat – The UK’s most loved cuisine

Just Eat’s campaign looked to find the UK’s most loved cuisine using sentiment analysis from restaurant reviews. The study revealed that overall, the UK’s favourite cuisine was Italian but also shown the favourite cuisines of regions across the UK too. You can view the campaign here.

Why it did well

The campaign managed to appeal to a national audience revealing the nations most favoured cuisines in order. But it also managed to appeal to more local publications, specifically revealing certain regions like Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales as well as county level, appealing to more local publications. This is great for Just-Eat because it generates links but can generate links from really local newspapers too, bringing it links but also a lot of potential customers too. This was a great campaign, and we especially loved the interactive map

Uber reveals their lost and found index

Uber – Lost and found index

Every year Uber releases its lost and found index and it never disappoints. The lost and found index is sourced from their own data and lists everything from the most commonly forgotten items, the most forgetful cities, the 50 most unique lost items, most forgetful days/times and lost and found trends.

why it did well

We love this campaign because it has so many angles to outreach with. The most forgetful cities is a great angle but so is the 50 most unique items lost of that year. It also lists some interesting perspectives such as which car owner is the most forgetful (this year Toyota car owners lost their keys more than anyone else) as well as other things such as the most commonly lost clothing brands.

Netflix series; Stranger Things has revitalised an 80’s classic from Kate Bush

Pure Gym – Running up that hill Playlist

Stranger things returned and swept the nation. But it wasn’t just the 80’s themed Sci-Fi series that got everyone talking. Unless you’d been living under a rock, you would have noticed the return to the charts of Kate Bush’s 80’s classic – Running up that hill. This has been the soundtrack to countless instagram reels and Tik Toks, but research from PureGym found that the track has been a firm favourite with runners, being the second most playlisted song amongst runners and added to over 80 running playlists.

Why it did well

Stranger Things had everyone talking so it was a perfectly timed piece, but moreover Kate Bush’s track had everyone talking too. This was a brilliant piece of reactive PR and Pure Gym managed to jump on a topic that was trending.

Research from Ivisa revealed the happiest cities in the world

Ivisa – the happiest cities in the world

Online visa checking service; Ivisa compiled a list which looked at establishing the happiest cities in the world based on their key happiness metrics: life expectancy, cost of living, weekly working hours, friendliest people and amount of sunshine. The research revealed that Lisbon was the happiest city having favourable scores on each of the key happiness metrics.

Why it did well

The cost of living crisis is a topic that we have mentioned quite frequently across our campaign of the month series and it looks as though it will be here to stay for a while. This has been one of the main reasons we feel it’s done well, as many people are looking for an escape from the UK which appears to be struggling severely. Key statistics like weekly working hours were also key in this as it coincides with the 4 day work week that is also a trending topic. – Remote jobs search

Elon Musk never fails to hit the headlines, especially since the Billionaire has been trying to purchase Twitter. A leaked email from Elon to his Tesla staff done the rounds on social media, in which Elon demanded his staff work in the office. research revealed that his letter may have had the opposite effect, revealing that searches for “work when you want remote jobs” and “what remote jobs are in demand” had increased by 556% and 357% respectively.

Why it did well

Elon Musks letter had gone viral and had everyone on the internet talking about it.’s quick response to this finding figures that counteracted what Elon had said was naturally going to do well being such a viral figure. To some he’s a hero, and to others he’s a villain. This marmite like perception of Elon makes any post related to him attractive to journalists, because it’ll always generate comments and shares from people who love and hate him. This was a great piece of reactive PR by the team at

branding experts Solopress analysed the Wimbledon athletes with the biggest social media influence

Solopress – The Wimbledon Athletes with the biggest social media influence in Tennis

Coinciding with Wimbledon, Solopress research revealed the Wimbledon looked at sponsorship deals, Instagram presence and the on-court successes of some of the most coveted tennis players to find out which one had the biggest influence. Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic were all in the top three but there were also notable stars with great influence such as Emma Raducanu, Roger Federer, and Nick Kyrgios.

Why it did well

Sporting events like Wimbledon will always be newsworthy, and Solopress managed to jump on the trend with this piece. With stats readily available,this was an agile piece that Solopress would have been able to get out quickly.


The HARO Link Building Service we offer makes us utterly obsessed with link building, and the month of June did not disappoint. Every month we trawl the web to find the best Digital PR Campaigns to share using various sources such as media outlets, campaigns shared by agencies and staff as well as journalists, and then eventually creating our pick of the best Digital PR Campaigns of 2022. You can find a list of some of the Digital PR resources that have helped us here.

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