There was plenty of PR opportunities for brands this month. For legal firms, reactive PR looked to be one of the best methods of building links and conveying expertise especially on topics like the infamous “Wagatha Christie” and Johnny Depp vs Amber Herd trials. But there were also many other opportunities, particularly in the firestorm first week of May which had the ending of Eid, Star Wars Day and Cinco De Mayo. Here are our campaigns of the month for May.

Can you spot the corgi?
Can you find the Corgi? Click here for the answer

Casumo – Spot the Corgi

With the Queens platinum jubilee approaching, Casumo released a Where’s Wally? style puzzle, with a Royal twist. Instead of looking for an odd looking man dressed in red and white, you have to try and find a Pembrokeshire Corgi amongst other similarly coloured pooches.

We loved this campaign as it was so simple and currently relevant, showing that you don’t need a huge budget with mounds of data to get links, sometimes it can be as simple as creating a little fun puzzle like this one.

Why it did well

Timed to perfection, this campaign was released on the run up to the queen’s platinum jubilee. It’s a fun puzzle that’ll likely be shared around the office. Being so click worthy makes it really appealing to journalists, but it’s alignment with the Queens Jubilee also boosted its linkability with it being topically relevant.

Tango unleashed a PR stunt with protestors against the peach emoji

Tango – Peach Protest πŸ‘

This month also seen a parents protest against the sexually provocative peach emoji. Well not exactly. It was a publicity stunt that managed to get the attention of LadBible and Instagram page Pubity. The protest group were officially called M_U_P_P_E_T_S, standing for Mums (and dads) United for Proper Peach Emoji Treatment. Brivtic managed to bring attention to their latest flavour of Tango; Berry Peachy.

Why it did well

Initially this stunt looked like a real protest which is why it caught people’s attention. It was different, and managed to get people talking. After seeing many protests in regard to Insulate Britain with strong opinions on both sides, Brivtic knew that a campaign like this would provoke a similar response. As we always say, campaigns that evoke either a negative or positive emotion will always do well.

WordTips analysed language use of the most prominent online fanbases to reveal the most negative and positive fanbases.

WordTips – The most negative fanbases online

This campaign looked to find out the most negative online fanbases through analysing language use of those fans. The research revealed that popstar; Rhianna had the most negative fanbase of all, with Call of Duty a close second. The campaign also looked at the most positive fanbases, revealing that Taylor Swift and One Direction fans appear to be the most positive.

Why it did well

The campaign had multiple angles to work with as it not only included the most positive and negative fanbases but also went in deeper offering comparisons of positive and negative fanbases within their respective industry such as the most positive and negative basketball fanbases – which is likely to provoke sporting comments. It also makes the campaign great for outreaching to multiple industry specific publications like sport based and entertainment based publications. It’s also great because the data obviously focuses on fanbases who talk a lot online. This makes it really attractive for journalists. A really clever campaign by the WordTips team.

Cotswold Outdoors revealed the top 30 campsites that Brits want to visit

Cotswold Outdoors – top 30 Campsites

This campaign by Outdoor Retailer Cotswold Outdoors ran a poll to find out the favoured UK campsites favoured by the British Public. It revealed some great places to visit including; Loch Ness, Sherwood Forest, Robin Hoods Bay, Durdle Door, The Brecon Beacons and more.

Why it did well

This campaign was timed to perfection. During the month of May, a lot of people are looking for a getaway in the sun, but with bank holidays approaching many will be keen to get a quick escape on home soil. This made the campaign really relevant especially at a time where people are opting to stay home for their annual holidays as well, due to the cost of living crisis. Cotswold also never provided a landing page for this, so it would seem that the campaign wasn’t incredibly labour intensive either. A really interesting campaign that has bound to have inspired a lot of campers and generated a lot of relevant backlinks to the site from outdoor bloggers.

St Pierre celebrate National Brioche day with some interesting statistics

St Pierre Bakery – How French Are You?

To celebrate National Brioche Day, the St Pierre Bakery decided to run a poll to see how much Brits aspire to live like the French do. The poll generated some interesting results, revealing that:

  • Fourty percent feel that the French way of life is better.
  • The top reasons why Brits dream of living the French lifestyle is because of the bakeries, landmarks and cheese.
  • More than a fifth dream of living it and would consider moving across the Channel.
  • Brits consider the French lifestyle to be relaxed (44%), cultured (42%) and sociable (39%).
  • Nearly a third of adults believe they have taken inspiration from the French lifestyle already, when it comes to their cooking, interest in artwork and their taste in films and TV.

The landing page also had an interesting quiz segment which looked to find out how French you really are.

Why it did well

The campaign ran alongside National Brioche Day, but it also ran alongside an unpleasant mood amongst the British public who are struggling with the cost of living crisis, with many wondering whether a life abroad may be a feasible option to remedy the current lifestyle. This made it a currently relevant campaign which is attractive for journalists. The how French are you? quiz was also a welcome addition to the piece, and gave it a second angle to lead with. A brilliantly timed campaign by the team at St Pierre.


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