April was a flurry of Digital PR campaigns. There were many key focal points to focus on this month, one of the main ones being International Digital PR Campaign Day, or as it’s more commonly known; April Fools Day (RIP Journo Inboxes). But there were also many other opportunities such as the Grand National, Easter and St Georges Day.

Premier Inn revealed Cardiff as one of the most beautiful cities to wake up in as part of their campaign

The most beautiful cities to wake up in – premier Inn

This campaign by Premier Inn revealed the most beautiful cities to wake up in by measuring the amount of posts with #goodmorning[city]. The article gained a multitude of links and mentions across huge media outlets.

Backlinks: 40
DoFollow: 75%

Why it did well

The campaign was timed to perfection during the summery season of May whereby many will be planning their holidays and looking for locations around the UK which also made it a great campaign for business. But the campaign also had international, national and regional appeal. Listing the UK cities allowed the campaign to acquire links from regional media outlets as well as national such as The Express and The Scottish Sun. And the listing of international cities also bolstered its linkability, gaining coverage from the likes of Cape Times and Fox Weather also.

An employee hanging one of the many thousands of T-shirts up on the world’s longest washing line

The Worlds longest Washing Line – Blue Water and Hang loose

It would be rude not to include at least one of the many April Fools campaigns, and for us our favourite was this team effort by Blue Water and Hang Loose with their worlds longest washing line creation.

The world record attempt was revealed to the public via Blue Waters Twitter page. Following the last ride of the day, a team of abseilers worked through the night hanging over a thousand T-shirts in a world record attempt. The project involved months of planning, and only a team of Guinness World Record invigilators who were set to visit that day , stood in the way of a new world record. Of course, later on it was revealed that this was in fact an April Fools trick and no record had been attempted.

Backlinks: The campaign had over 36 pieces of coverage

Why it did well

The campaign was very unusual and looked as though a lot of effort had went into it. It was also made very realistic which is why it did well too. Brands have really upped their game with regard to April Fools Campaigns so it was important that this one seemed realistic enough to fool the public. This was a great campaign that showed that you don’t always need a big budget to spend on Digital PR Campaigns.

The Bottle Club reveals the most seductive cities in the world

The Most Seductive Cities in the world – The Bottle Club

This campaign by The Bottle Club revealed the most seductive cities in the world. They took a seed of 30 major cities across the globe and measured them on factors such as Number of Strip Clubs, Number of Sex events, Number of Kinky people, Number of porn stars with City Name, Number of 1-hour Hotels, Number of people on Only fans in City, as well as Number of Restaurants that sell Champagne and the Number of Restaurants that sell Oysters as these were both aphrodisiacs.

Backlinks: This campaign received over 100 placements with 68 backlinks to the landing page
Dofollow: 78%

Why it did well

Sex sells. It’s cliche but true. And this campaign was thoroughly researched with an extraordinary amount of collated data that had been included. The campaign was also made highly flexible with a number of different studies that they had completed, and a number of angles that they could have used (as well as the type of media outlet they reached out to. With their UK studies, it allowed them to gain links in the nationals and with the Global studies it allowed them to gain links in the global outlets. The top cheating cities in the UK is also set to evoke lots of emotion, which is something journalists require in order to hit their engagement targets on social media, making it extremely valuable to journalists.

Gaming Addiction Report Infographic
Delamere Rehab Clinic release their gaming addiction report for 2022, highlighting ‘Rocket League’ as the most addictive game.

Gaming Addiction Report 2022 – Delamere

This campaign by Delamere Rehab Clinic released a number of statistics relating to modern gaming including the most addictive video games, most addictive video game genres, age groups that are the most addicted to gaming and more.

Backlinks: 10

Why it did well

YMYL and Healthcare websites aren’t easy to produce campaigns for. This report from Delamere shown that you can appeal to a wider audience by evoking emotion into the fanbase. Having looked through the links, the majority point to Delameres findings that Rocket League was the most addictive game. As well as which genres are the most addictive too. These two pieces of data were key in ensuring the post was linkable.

Reimagining Cybersecurity Threats as Horror Movie Posters – Surfshark

This campaign by Surfshark looked to recreate cybersecurity threats as horror movie posters. They compiled a list of common cyber security threats and explained what each of the threats can do. Following this, they compiled a list of horror movie directors paying special attention to the features of each directors most famous movies including their directorial style and visual elements, merging the two lists into cybersecurity horror movie posters.

Backlinks: 25
Dofollow: 80%

Why it did well

It can be quite difficult to create a campaign for a cybersecurity firm that gains links. Especially one that is relevant. It’s always important to congratulate relevancy and Surfshark managed to get a relevant campaign with some really relevant placements. The campaigns creativity and imagery made it a really linkable piece of content.


This is the first of our monthly series of the best Digital PR campaigns. Every month we’ll be trawling the web to find the best Digital PR Campaigns to share using various sources such as media outlets, campaigns shared by agencies and staff as well as journalists, and then eventually creating our pick of the best Digital PR Campaigns of 2022. You can find a list of the Digital PR resources that have helped us here. If you have released a campaign that you think deserves recognition, you can send us a DM with the link to the campaign on Twitter or Instagram πŸ™‚

We will be back next month with the best Digital PR Campaigns in May 2022, hope to see you there πŸ‘Š

*Number of backlinks and Dofollow percentages are typically taken through the landing page and are not necessarily accurate in regards to links generated across other pages. If an alternative source is available i.e an agency/colleague announcement on socials, then this will be used instead. If you have updated statistics for any of the campaigns on this page and you wish for them to be updated, please send a DM to our Twitter page @HAROLinks or Instagram page @HARO.Links and we’ll be happy to correct them.

*It’s not always possible to source the accurate date of all campaigns. We try and collate campaigns that were published in the current month, but it’s not always possible as these campaigns are often discovered following outreach that is conducted after the articles have been published. If an overwhelming majority of placements are dated in the current month, we will include it, regardless if it has been published the previous month.

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