Creating campaigns in Digital PR is very difficult, and the most difficult part of it for most is ideation. We’ve seen a million dream job campaigns and a even more Instagram earnings lists. And we’re not criticising. These campaigns work. But sometimes you have the urge to do something different, and an idea from someone else can spark that. We’re a HARO Link Building agency, so naturally we have our noses in the news for #Journorequest opportunities, and we occasionally stumble across a few gold mines. That’s why we’ve created this list of the best Digital PR Newsletters, blogs and pages that we use for our research.

The Best Digital PR Blogs

Here are some of the best Digital PR Blogs that we use for inspiration and ideation.

The Grapevine lists almost every campaign released that month in their newsletter

The Best Digital PR Newsletters

Here are some of the best Digital PR newsletters that we’re subscribed too that help inspire us to create some of the content on our site.

The Grapevine

The Grapevine is a monthly newsletter which lists a load of Digital PR Campaigns every month. The last issue had a whopping 180 campaigns over the previous month. We never like to pick a favourite, but with the amount of effort that goes into this one it is definitely our favourite newsletter for ideation.

Creator: Iona Townsley

Work in PRogress

Work in PRogress is a weekly newsletter that lists favoured Digital PR campaigns, favoured Digital PR articles and plenty of Digital PR tips too. The newsletter also regularly interviews someone from the industry so that you can find out what being a work in PRogress means to them.

Creator: Abi Bennetts

The Weekly PR

The weekly PR is a weekly newsletter that handpicks their favourite Digital PR campaigns of the week. This is a great source of some of the best Digital PR campaigns because it also typically lists who was behind it so you can follow them too.

Creator: Bethanie Durham

Reactive PR Monthly Tips

We’ve only just signed up to this one so we’d be lying if we said we know the ins and outs of the newsletter. However, this newsletter is currently the only one giving reactive PR tips and opportunities which we think will be really useful to many Digital PR folk.

Creator: Sophie Rhone

Link Building Newsletter

The Link Building Newsletter is a great all rounder. Every month the newsletter contains an article from co-founder of Aira; Paddy Moogan, articles of the month to keep you up to date with the news of the industry, old pieces of content that are useful, and campaigns of the month.

Creator: Paddy Moogan

Some of the Social Media pages that we follow including the Digital PR subreddit, Digital PR case Studies and more.

The Best Digital PR pages to follow

There are penty of social media pages that you can follow that can be really helpful in your ideation. Here are some of the best pages you can follow:


Here are some of the best subreddits for Digtal PR to follow:


These are the best Digital PR Resources on Linkedin that we use:


These are our picks for Digital PR Pages to follow on Twitter:


These channels can help give you tips and angles to improve your ideation:

How do you ideate?

How do you come up with your best ideas for Digital PR Campaigns? What pages, people, blogs or newsletters should we include in this list? If you have any suggestions for Blogs, Newsletters and pages that should be included in this list (even if it’s you’re own) then slide into our DM’s and let us know!

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